Suddenly Art Walking


In many cities all across the United States, there is a wonderful following known as the “First Friday Art Walk” in which art goes on display on the first Friday evening of every month and people walk by, and potentially purchase, your artwork.   There’s photography, crafts, sculpture, paintings, among other things.  In many places there is also lots of food and music available as well. My town of Springfield, Missouri is included amongst the many places that do this.  My wife has done an outstanding job getting everything printed, organized, matted so that this evening, all we need to do is put the labels on and meet with the event coordinator. So, if you happen to be in town and near Suddenlies tomorrow (Friday, 9/9), come in and wander up to the second floor loft to see not only me, but a host of several other artists with drawings, paintings, photographs, and live music. Not to mention some great finds at the Suddenlies botique on the first floor!

And for the curious, my wife built a PowerPoint presentation of what I’m showing, which I am posting here as a PDF. Shoot photos, not each other!

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