Psychedelic Political Metropolis

The first things to be archived on the new film scanner are the film negatives from the Washington D.C. area. This shot in particular just never scanned well before. It was a weird slow exposure experiment. It was Fuji Superia 800 shot at at an exposure time of 30 seconds on a tripod in the late 1990s. Why would I do such a thing on such sensitive film? People do a lot of stupid things in their 20’s. But, the results of using a tripod on the corner of 14th and C Street (approximate going by memory and a guess on Google Streets) in front of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing speak for themselves. On old scanners I never could get color or exposure right, but the digital ICE as well as the other automated bits of this new-old film scanner seem to handle it much better. Shoot photos, not each other!

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