Of all photographs I ever shot in our nation’s Capital, I am most proud of this one. Its unusual character and one-time lighting have never been matched. It’s the photo that almost wasn’t considering I had a nasty light accident when loading the film reel to develop it. But, this photo in particular was salvageable, even when damage is visible as nearby as two frames earlier. While I have had it posted before, it has never been scanned at this high of a resolution or cleaned (infrared light scratch removal is useless on silver, which reflects infrared light) of scratches and dirt.

CyberViewX v5.16.55 Model Code=46 F/W Version=1.67

The damage can be seen on this shot a couple of frames prior (going toward where I shot the above picture). Note the square marks at the upper left – those are film sprocket hole marks where the light came in and the film was coiled up due to the reel jam.

CyberViewX v5.16.55 Model Code=46 F/W Version=1.67

This is the amphitheater at Arlington National Cemetery on Kodak TMax 400 in TMax chemistry in the late 1990s on the Canon Rebel 2000. Lesson learned – don’t jam your film reels. Shoot photos, not each other.

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