Cross Processing, deuxième partie

After my first attempt at cross processing, trying to achieve a state of lomographic nirvana, I had to try again. The first time I tried it I was pleased they came out looking really nice but also disappointed I didn’t yield the sort of psychedelic results that others seem to achieve when doing any sort of cross processing. This time with shots of flowers and walking around the neighborhood. Like the first run, it is Fuji Provia 100F slide film that I developed using Unicolor C-41 chemistry.

This echinacea flower was actually a bright purple color and it appears to be rather muted here. Well used C-41 chemistry on Fuji E6 film that expired in 2009 will yield unpredictable results, but I honestly thought this would come out much more abnormal looking.
While this is a bit of a psychedelic shot done by just laying the camera on the ground and setting the timer, it looks unexpectedly normal.
Ansel, meet Bob. Happy trees! The color is the teeniest bit on the blue side. But I honestly expected it to be way farther off than that.
The slightest purplish/grayhish hue here – perhaps this is as close as I’ll get to psychedelic?

Finally, now the colors are off a bit more. This flower was actually a bright, flaming bright orange, but here it almost looks white.

So, what is the verdict on cross processing? The jury is still out. Results will vary. For me, they just have not varied a whole lot yet.

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