Labor Day

Here’s a holiday brain teaser.

Jewish historians utilize references in the gospels that are often overlooked by Christians to pinpoint the birth of Christ on the 15th day of the month of Tishri in the year of 3758. When paired with the modern-day Gregorian calendar, invented by the Catholic church in our year of 1582 by then Pope Gregory XIII (one of Europe’s finest mathematicians of the middle ages), this corresponds to a date of October 4 in the year 4 BCE. For those who are not interested in doing the math, that’s a Thursday.

Considering that at the end of December we celebrate the end of the year and reflect on our hard work and other milestones, and considering that Christ was born in the early fall at the end of summer, it stands to reason that “Christmas” should be celebrated around Labor Day and “Labor Day” should be celebrated around Christmas.

All commentary aside, there are people all across the world that work hard daily. Working to keep the world turning. Every person on this planet who makes their living working deserves a nod today. Happy labor day.

This sparkler was shot in the summer of 2007 by propping it up between the cracks of a picnic table, then lighting it. At all the American barbecues that will likely commence today, remember – shoot photos, not each other.

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