Sequestration 3 – The Royal 30

As my home state of Missouri joins the long list of states issuing quarantine orders today in order to curb the spread of of COVID-19 in America, I am joining the growing list of photography enthusiasts online that are posting photos of random things in and around their homes. This is yet another experiment with the first true 1:1 macro lens that I have ever used, which I call “the beast.” This baseball, obviously not genuinely signed by the Kansas City Royals, was a printed ball purchased in the stands of Kaufmann Stadium in 1986 commemorating their World Series win a year prior. Ironically, it is stored in an acrylic case purchased in the gift shop of the stadium where the minor league Springfield Cardinals play, owned by their rivals that lost the 1985 world series.

Fast forward 30 years to 2015 – my wife and I are at a restaurant and they are playing the world series, in which the Royals were playing. All of a sudden George Brett shows up as a commentator and my reaction was priceless. My wife says “are you ok?” and I say “yes, I just seriously thought George Brett was dead.” Obviously, I am a fair weather baseball fan. I prefer American NASCAR racing and football. Listen to your governments, comply with all the stay at home orders, stay safe. In these troublesome times shoot photos, not each other.

Nikon D7000, Nikkor Micro 105mm AF-S VR Lens

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