Hail to the Chiefs

This one’s dedicated to American NFL fans, in particular fans of the Kansas City Chiefs – members of the Chiefs Kingdom in a place that was my home town for a young decade of life long ago. It is the 4th quarter of the Redskins game at FedEx Field decades before even coming close to any Super Bowl, September 30, 2001. The game was attended by my father (gone one year ago today) and myself. It was just after the final touchdown of the 4th quarter, shortly before the conversion that would give the final score of 45-13 Kansas City. If I recall, one of the first NFL games to resume after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Lee Greenwood sang at halftime in front of a giant American flag. (That poor guy seriously needs another hit.) For those into old Chiefs Kingdom lore, this game is significant as it was one of those awkward occasions where former Chiefs head coach titan Marty Schottenheimer faced off with the Chiefs as the coach of some other team, in this case the Washington Redskins (or whatever politically correct non-offensive name they end up choosing next season). I wanted to see what my zoom lens could do – at a range of 300mm, I am sitting at one end of the stadium zoomed in on the other. Redskins fans are not as loyal as Chiefs fans – the stadium starts emptying out when they get to losing badly. I originally wanted to air this post on this date, as a second part after this one, but that one seemed to fit better as a father’s day post. Being that my dad and brother are both die-hard Chiefs fans, this one seems just as fitting for today. Shoot photos, not each other!

Canon EOS Rebel 2000, Fuji Superia 800, GIMP 2.10

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