The Analog Spring

So, you haven’t seen anything about film for months and you’re wondering why all the digital things? The film hasn’t gone anywhere. But there is one truth that even the most analog purists do not want to embrace – all images in modern times end up digital, even if they didn’t start off that way. If you say you’re pure analog on facebook or twitter, then go and post some of your analog pictures, think about that for a second. You have a film negative. You want to show it to people, or you want to get it printed. What do you do next? You scan it. You run it through a film scanner or you use one of the dozens of other methods to capture your image off your film. It’s digital. And it’s okay.

Having said that, film has a unique character to it that gets passed on into digital, just as the sound of vinyl has characteristics that make the listening experience different, even when the records are “digitized.”

Before getting lost in all the arguments that can be found online in different photography forums, consider that there’s a lot of value in both film and digital.

This hyacinth was growing outside of our front door a couple of months ago. And being me, I had to have a picture of it.

Shoot photos, not each other!

Nikon N75,The Beast,” Unicolor C-41 chemistry, CyberView PrimeFilm 3650u, GIMP 2.10

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