Oliver Cool

You have all seen our bunny Gracie (Holland Lop) posted on my blog site before.

One day on Craig’s List… (You know where this is going…)

I am working like mad and suddenly my phone starts going off with text messages from my wife. She’s sending me Craig’s List screen shots of an ad for a baby rabbit for free to a good home. How could I say no? Having a second rabbit, male and not yet neutered, presents its own set of challenges when you already have a female rabbit in the house. But, it felt right to adopt the little guy.

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me introduce Ollie, born in February of 2022! How does one name a pet? In our case, we sat him on my wife’s lap. She then proceeded to try different names out. The name he responded to was the winner.

Tonight we decided to break out the camera gear and take some good pictures. My wife got some pet outfits and sunglasses on Amazon. We couldn’t get him to wear the outfits for any length of time, but trust me, the shirt and tie was precious.

For about 5 seconds, we did manage to get him to wear sunglasses.

On top of that we had almost no light and I was using the behemoth Opteka flash that I reviewed here a while back, where you can see photos of Gracie. With the flash pointed up, the bright light didn’t bother him or my wife at all, and with all the automatic features, the picture came out even and perfect. I am very happy how this came out.

Shoot photos, not each other!

Canon SL1, Canon EF-S 18-55mm lens, Opteka IF-980 flash, darktable, GIMP 2.10

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