My “Otter” Half

My wife and I follow the KOTSUMET channel on YouTube – featuring a Japanese couple that has two pet otters named Hana and Kotaro. Every year she likes to purchase a unique Christmas ornament from somewhere. This year, it was this otter ornament.

What a wild year 2022 has been. Everything wrong that could happen did. It was a landmark year for those who like rock music with new albums from the likes of Skid Row, Journey and Def Leppard. If you count the live album, we actually got two releases from Journey. We got a new single from Metallica with an album coming in the spring of 2023. We had ups, downs, and everything in between in our post-pandemic world, in which COVID is still a thing.

Overall, 2022 was a year to remember. It’s going to lead in to another year full of new memories to be made and new photographs to be shot.

Though it’s the day after Christmas in many places that are beyond the international date line, my “otter” half and I want to wish everyone on Planet Earth who celebrates the holiday a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Shoot photos, not each other!

iPhone 12, ProCam, darktable, GIMP

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