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Hi! Welcome to my photography blog.  There are many outstanding blogs out there that focus specifically on film photography, and there are quite a few that focus on strictly digital topics and drown you in technobabble.  I began my photo journey in the late 1990’s on film.  I didn’t really take digital seriously until the early 2000’s when I was able to get a Canon Digital Rebel that could reuse all my lenses with my Canon film gear.  Digital is a wonderful format with tons of possibilities.  But, film has a character to it – a graininess, a grittiness, a tangibility that you can never replace with digital.  I love it both ways – both formats have a great deal of value.  Both film and digital have never been more inexpensive than they are now.  There is no reason not to enjoy both!

I hope you enjoy this site and I appreciate your feedback.  Feel free to reach out anytime, I read all the mail I get.

  • Chris Moore
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